Service Projects

We recently replaced four Fincor drives with four new MDGM Digital Motion Control Drives, DMC 4050 series drives. The drive upgrade was completed over a weekend, in order to limit the production down time for the customer.

Project Summary:

– Replace four Fincor 2030 series drives with four new MDGM Digital Motion Control Drives.
– Installed around customer’s production schedule, to reduce down time.
– Modified existing wire-way and conduit.
– Pull new drive to drive interconnect wires.
– Set up new remote diagnostics.
– Reused existing motor wiring.
– Reused existing control wiring.

Below are a several images showing the existing Fincor Drives and the new MDGM Digital Motion Control Drives installed.

Before: 4 Fincor 2030 series drives

Two Fincor drives along a wall. Twp Fincor drives along the wall.


Disassembling two Fincor drives.

Completed Drive Upgrade: 4 MDGM Digital Motion Control Drives DMC 4050 series drives installed


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