Slitter Re-Aligner – Slits a full page web into a 1/3 web and 2/3 web then realigns the two webs so that the 1/3 web is positioned on one side of the 2/3 web.
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Closed Loop Infeed Closed Loop Infeed
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Other Manugraph Americas auxiliary equipment:

  • Turnbar
  • Anti-Fanout Device: Click here to learn more »
  • Web Break Detector (Ultra-sonic & Contact Style)
  • Stackable Compensator
  • Independent Compensator
  • Draw Rollers
  • Motorized Under Unit Linear Compensator
  • Between Unit Drives
  • Drive Line Adapters
  • SSC™ Quarter Folder: Click here to learn more »

For additional information and pricing on any of the auxiliaries listed above, please give our sales department a call at 1-800-346-6119 or email them at

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