Press Relocation and Reconfiguration

Manugraph DGM has been reconfiguring and relocating printing presslines for more than 30 years. Over those years we have expanded the services available to you our customer.

Our in house Engineering and Service Departments will work with you to customize an existing press line to suit your needs.

Our experience with auxiliary vendors gives us the ability to integrate their new or pre-owned equipment into your newly configured or relocated pressline.

Our highly skilled technicians have gained the experience and problem solving skills that allows them to work through all of the little problems that seem to come up during a press move.

Press Relocation and Reconfiguration Services:

Web Press Reconfiguration

There are many services we can provide for a pressline relocation or reconfiguration:

– Equipment inspections
– Removal of equipment
– Preparing equipment for shipping (domestic or international)
– Shipping of equipment (domestic or international)
– Short-term and long-term press storage
– Engineering support for pressline configuration changes and modifications
– Custom engineering support
– Press remanufacturing (on site or at factory)
– On site press repair
– Provide additional parts for press line configuration changes and modifications
– Drive modifications and upgrades
– Print training
– Press system upgrades
– Auxiliary equipment integration

Relocation and Reconfiguration Projects:

Web Press Relocation

USA to Venezula:
Relocated seven 4-Highs, one Goss SSC Folder, and one Goss Urbanite folder. The Urbanite folder under went a factory reconditioning along with the addition of a newly engineered drive line conversion from a low drive to a high drive.

USA to Mexico:
Relocated one DGM 440 4-High with UV and one DGM 1035.

New York to New Jersey:
Relocated 3 presslines consisting of seventeen floor units and three folders.

Arizona and North Dakota to Louisiana:
Removed a Goss Urbanite pressline in Louisiana and replaced it with two reconditioned Goss Community presslines, which were relocated from sites in Arizona and North Dakota.

Pennsylvania and Connecticut to Pennsylvania:
Relocated two Goss Urbanite press lines from Pennsylvania and Connecticut and then reinstalled both presslines at another facility in Pennsylvania.

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Our operating hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. We also have an after hours emergency service available by calling 1-800-346-6119.  We welcome any opportunity to quote your next press move project.


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