“A small company with a world of resources”


string 8 smallManugraph DGM, Inc. (DGM) offers the perfect combination of resources and services for the single width press industry.  Rather than having to choose between a large press supplier with vast resources, who may be more costly and slower to respond to your needs, versus a small outfit which is quick to respond, has lower pricing, but very limited resources:  DGM offers you the benefits of both.

Our roots date back to the early 70′s specializing in servicing Goss Community and Goss Urbanite single width presses. After 25 years of servicing this customer base we developed the Dauphin Graphic Machine (DGM) line of single width presses. This rich history and superior knowledge of the single width offset presses makes us the most qualified solution provider in the industry. Unlike many of the smaller companies out there today, we offer a full spectrum of engineered press products & services. Whether it is new DGM equipment, service work or parts for DGM and Goss presses, we can help you. We are your one stop, full service press provider.

PARTS:  Our in-house, 24,000 sq ft machine shop produces a wide variety of standard parts as well as custom parts to fit your needs.  This also allows us to provide quick turnaround for breakdown parts or unusual parts which you may not find elsewhere.  Our parts department is open 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., providing industry-leading support to our worldwide customer base.

SERVICE:  Our electrical and mechanical service managers provide you in-house technical support, while overseeing our team of highly skilled field service technicians. Whether you need a full service installation or a simple press repair, our service managers handle all aspects of the project. This allows our technicians more time to focus on helping the customer.

PRESS EQUIPMENT:  We offer a diverse assortment of new printing units and folders from our 84,000 sq ft factory in the U.S.A. (DGM presses); or from our parent company, Manugraph India Ltd. The DGM factory also produces auxiliary equipment such as press drives, angle bar slitters, realigners, infeeds and product enhancements. If new equipment doesn’t suit your application, we also work extensively with used equipment – either sourcing used press equipment, rebuilding your equipment or reconfiguring existing equipment.  Whatever your equipment needs, rest assured we will work with you to make sure you get the right equipment for your needs.

While we have all the resources of a large company, we have never lost sight of what made DGM great since our inception:  unsurpassed customer service.  Even though we’ve grown into a worldwide supplier to the press industry, we’ve remained committed to providing a personal experience for our customers. You can pick up the phone and communicate directly with whomever you need – whether it is parts sales, press sales, a service manager or the president of the company, the people you need are here for you, accessible when you need them.

This combination of world-class resources, being part of Manugraph India, Ltd, together with a local, customer-focused approach out of our same factory in Millersburg, PA, is what makes Manugraph DGM unique.  So Contact us today, to see how Manugraph DGM can benefit you.


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