Manugraph Books Third M360 USA Order

Manugraph Americas Inc. announced today the sale of their third M360 order in the USA to the Adrian (MI) Daily Telegram. Installation of the 4-High tower to an existing Goss Community/Tensor press was completed in December 2014. This order closely follows the 20-unit M360 order at Paxton Media’s High Point (NC) Enterprise facility, and the 8-unit M360 order at the Murray (KY) Ledger.

“We now have two sites in the USA were we can demonstrate the integration capabilities of the M360 tower to Goss Community type presses” said Ron Ehrhardt – Vice President Sales for Manugraph Americas.

The Manugraph India manufactured M360 is fully compatible to the existing Community press with compatible plate and blanket lockups, seamless mechanical and electrical integration, in addition to upgraded features such as brush dampening, pneumatic actuation, and motorized registration control.

“We are seeing a renewed interest in newspaper companies adding equipment to their existing presses. Because of this interest we are now ordering new M360 towers from our India factory on spec in order to have towers readily available for faster purchases” added Ehrhardt. A new M360 4-High tower will arrive at Manugraph Americas DGM plant in Pennsylvania in early February.

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