Manugraph DGM Books North and South American Orders

Manugraph DGM, Inc. (MDGM) says that the North and South American markets continue to be strong for presses manufactured by Manugraph India, Ltd and their subsidiary, Manugraph DGM, Inc.

Ipanema Sistema Grafico e Editora Ltda., a newspaper publisher located in Votorantim, Brazil, has purchased a nine (9) unit Cityline press consisting of two (2) 4-High towers, one (1) Mono-unit with integrated unwind, and one (1) F222 Jaw folder. The new press replaces a 30-year old Harris V-15. Shipment and installation were recently completed in March 2012.

Soller Industria Grafica Ltda., a semi-commercial printer located in Morro da Fumaca, Brazil has purchased an eight (8) unit Cityline press consisting of two (2) 4-High towers and one (1) F222 Jaw folder. Installation is set to begin this month (April, 2012).

Ron Ehrhardt, Vice President of International Sales for Manugraph DGM, Inc. is pleased with the sales performance of both Manugraph Ltd and MDGM in the South America.  “Over the last 10 years, the Cityline Express is by far the most popular single-width press in the South American market,” said Ehrhardt.

Geo-Grafica Editora Ltda., a commercial printer of bibles located in Santo Andre, Brazil, purchased a four (4) unit Hiline horizontal press with a F222 Jaw folder. Three of the horizontal units have integrated autopasters. The F222 folder has both quarter and double parallel fold capabilities. The press will be installed in August 2012.

MDGM has received press addition contracts from two customers. Stuart Web, Inc. of Stuart, Florida has purchased two (2) DGM 430 4-High towers along with four new MDGM Digital Motion Control drives. Shipment is scheduled for August 2012. Omnimedia of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic purchased one (1) DGM 440 4-high tower to be added to their existing 20-unit 440 presses. Installation was just completed in March 2012.

In other news outside of these markets, Webco, New Zealand purchased a 12-unit MDGM 430 press consisting of three (3) 4-High towers and one (1) 1035 folder. The press is scheduled for shipment in July of 2012.

Located in Elizabethville, PA, Manugraph DGM, Inc. (MDGM) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manugraph India Ltd (MIL). MDGM and MIL manufacture a complete line of single width offset presses including the Cityline Express, 430, 430MAX, Hiline Express, Advantage II (also a slip in replacement press for the DGM 850 or Urbanite™) 440, and Frontline, including a full line of complementing folders in the F122, F222, F233, 1035, 1240, 1050, and 1270.  MDGM now manufactures the new press drive system, the MDGM Digital Motion Control.

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