Manugraph DGM introduces new press drive system

Manugraph DGM, Inc. (MDGM) announces the design and manufacture of their new press drive system aptly named the MDGM Digital Motion Control.

Available for new, used and existing presses, the MDGM Digital Motion Control press drive will replace existing drives but at the same time utilizes existing drive motors.

 The MDGM Digital Motion Control offer such advantages as: a PLC based control system; digital upgrade from analog; horsepower ranges from 35hp to 150hp; touch screen display; AC or DC shafted press applications; multiple drive configurations (up to 32 drives); multiple drives per motion zone; remote diagnostics; a one-year parts warranty; and 24/7 parts  and service support.

“Finally, press drives that are made–and supported–by the press manufacturer,” said Dave Moreland, President of MDGM.  “We are in the business of customer support and have recently found it difficult in the drive side of the business. So we decided to expand our USA plant capabilities to include the design and manufacture of new press drive systems,” said Moreland.  “We are responding to industry demand for better options relating to press drives.”

The drives are purpose-built for new MDGM press orders, or as replacement drives for existing presses of any manufacturer.  “The MDGM Digital Motion Control Drive is a cost effective solution to replace obsolete and unsupported existing drives, and in many cases the existing DC motors could still be utilized with the new drives keeping project costs low,” said Moreland.

Moreland says that MDGM is off to a fast start with the sales of the MDGM Digital Motion Control.  Webnews Printing Inc. of North York, Ontario, Canada, and Academy Press of Lagos, Nigeria, are the first two customers to purchase the press drives from MDGM.

Webnews purchased five new MDGM drives to replace their existing Fincor analog drives as part of a press expansion that included two new MDGM 430 4-high towers and a new 1240 Jaw Folder.

Academy Press added a new MDGM 440 4-high tower to its existing press, replacing their existing Fincor drive with two new MDGM drives and one new motor while still utilizing their existing drive motor. The added capability of remote diagnostics was an important criteria to the customer because of their location in Lagos, Nigeria.

In addition to the drives, MDGM offers services such as: project management support; engineering assistance; UL and CSA certification; field service, training and commissioning.

 Located in Elizabethville, PA, Manugraph DGM, Inc. (MDGM) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manugraph India Ltd (MIL). MDGM and MIL manufactures a complete line of single width offset presses including the Cityline Express, 430, 430MAX, Hiline Express, Advantage II (also a slip in replacement press for the DGM 850 or Urbanite™) 440, and Frontline, including a full line of complementing folders in the F122, F222, F233, 1035, 1240, 1050, and 1270.  MDGM now manufactures the new press drive system, the MDGM Digital Motion Control.

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