The new DGM ST-40 folder from Manugraph DGM was conceived and designed based on industry demands for greater paper savings, to complement current product
format trends, optimize existing press equipment while maintaining flexibility of all standard formats, and of course–minimal investment.

Capable of 40,000cph, the ST-40 produces a 15” to 18” height broadsheet product with ½” current cutoff page width (variable height and variable product capability), easily optimizing existing legacy equipment to the shorter cutoffs. The ST-40 also maintains flexibility for alternate formats, allowing seamless transition from standard broadsheet, tabloids and ¼ folded products to new sectioned tabloid products. The ST-40 can also produce two to five sections with variable page counts in all sections.

Additionally, the DGM ST-40 applies to the entire installed base of presses (4×2, 2×2, and 2×1 presses) without a plate conversion requirement on 2×1 or 2×2 presses. 2-around presses can run straight, and produce the same capacity as running collect, thus dramatically increasing production speeds.

Single width users will double their capacity by installing the ST-40 because each ribbon becomes a web: 2 ribbons per web doubles press capacity – thus allowing 64 per page per four section broadsheet and no new tower additions are required!

Contact your MDGM salesperson today for more information or stop by our booth (1964) at Graph Expo.

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